ASPIRE Participant hopes more youth will join ASPIRE, moving themselves forward!

Chris used his ASPIRE match funding to help save for the future and build good credit.

At age 20, Chris had a financial roadmap in place that would embarrass most people approaching retirement age. He said the financial advice and match he received from the Foster Forward ASPIRE program was the first step toward financial stability.

Chris had been in the child welfare system since he was nine years old and aged out at 18. Today, he runs his own business that services and sells roof vents for the restaurant industry. Chris said financial wherewithal and simply being "mad cheap" helped him save thousands of dollars. He now has his eye on buying a home.

Starting at age 16, he used ASPIRE matching funds and his own money to invest in bank CDs and then later used two matches to take out secured loans, paying them back as a way to build up his credit score. Chris, who is attending the Community College of Rhode Island part time, said, "I want to be able to be successful on my own, despite what I went through as a kid."

Chris added that he hopes more foster youth take advantage of the financial skills taught through Foster Forward. "[Foster Forward] gave me a more optimistic view. It planted the seed for my success," he said. 

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