Youth Shares her path to success!

Dee credits Foster Forward's programming for helping make her a well-rounded person. "They provided support to me for everything ranging from being a better parent to how to be professional in a meeting," said the 20-year-old, who was in the child welfare system 10 years.

Dee participated in the ASPIRE program at Foster Forward, as well as the YESS program managed by RICORP. She used ASPIRE financial matches to help pay for her first year of college, buy textbooks, a computer and a car.

Dee formerly served as the co-chair of The Voice, a leadership board comprised of current and former foster youth. Members of The Voice participate on statewide committees and with work groups to develop program and policy improvements for Rhode Island’s child welfare system. She said her involvement on the board helped her realize her career aspiration, which is to become a social worker.

"I saw from my experience on the board that my voice and experiences can change the negatives of DCYF. I always felt that I was so blessed while I was in DCYF and I wanted that same type of success for all youth in care," she said.

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