Transitional Education Program 

Where will I live? How will I find a job? Where will I go to school?

At Foster Forward, we know that, as a young person currently or formerly in foster care, you have a lot to think about-and lot of questions about what happens after you leave foster care. That’s why we’re here to help.

Through the Transitional Education Program we’re preparing young people, ages 16-21 who are in Rhode Island DCYF out-of-home care or who participate in the YESS Aftercare program, for a successful transition to adulthood.

This program will help you develop such independent living skills as:

  • Finding affordable housing
  • Obtaining a job
  • Mapping out your education goals
  • Managing your money
  • Accessing community resources
  • Making healthy and responsible decisions about your sexual health.

To enroll in the Transitional Education Program, you’ll be referred to us by your DCYF social worker. Once we have the referral, we’ll set up a time to meet with you to complete a Holistic Youth Assessment (HYA), which evaluates the strength of your skills in such areas as relationships and communication, housing and money management, and career and education planning.

During the assessment, which takes about 45 minutes to complete, you’ll be asked to respond to a variety of statements with an answer of: yes, mostly yes, somewhat, mostly no, or no. Some examples include the following:

  • I know how to use the Internet.
  • I understand the importance of saving money.
  • I know how to fill out a job application.
  • I understand the importance of being on time for work and/or school.
  • I know how to let others know what my needs are.
  • I know how to access sexual health services. 

Your answers will allow us to identify not only your strengths but also where you need some help. From there, we’ll work with you and your DCYF social worker to develop a personalized education program. You’ll be required to attend classes in the areas that were identified as needing improvement to graduate, though we encourage you to take all of the classes offered.

What’s more, as you complete your required classes, you’ll earn $75 for completing the three classroom based components - Making Proud Choices, ASPIRE FLT, and Works Wonders' E⊃; Training.  

Contact Us:

For more information on life skill classes please contact one of our Youth Engagement Specialists at 401-438-3900:

Scott Pereira (extension 116)

This program is supported through a Consolidated Youth Services contract with the Department of Children, Youth and Families. The Transitional Education Program is one of many services designed to ensure the successful transition of young people from the Rhode Island foster care system to adulthood.

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