2017 Legislative Priority: Time2Succeed

The Young Adult Voluntary Extension of Care Act (H5807 and S0669)

The Young Adult Voluntary Extension of Care Act is a proposed new law put forth by the Rhode Island Coalition for Children and Families (of which Foster Forward is a part) and The Voice Youth Leadership Board that will guarantee youth in foster care housing, financial support and resources until they are 21.

Why is it so important?

Foster youth, like their same aged peers, need  support as they transition to adulthood. Young people transitioning out of foster care face challenges and need continued support as they become successful young adults.  Today, these supports are limited and are not guaranteed after age 18. At age 18 many youth are still in their senior year of high school. Others have recently left school and are just starting out at a new college or career.  Losing supports at age 18 makes it more challenging to become a financially stable, functioning citizen of the Rhode Island community.

How will this be different from what we have now?

The proposed law would guarantee that young people can continue receiving housing, financial support and resources while they become adults.The current aftercare program (known as YESS) is not guaranteed.  Services and financial support are provided on a first come, first serve basis and all services are subject to availability of funds.  The fund availability for aftercare can be impacted by the political environment or other budgetary limits.  At any time if the funds are reduced or exhausted new applicants would experience a wait list for services.  Existing participants could even lose services or support.  

How can I help?

We need YOUR advocacy and support.  Here are some ways you can assist:

  1. Click HERE to search for your state senator and state representative.  Then give them a call and/or write them a letter telling them that you support H5807/S0669 the Young Adult Voluntary Extension of Care Act.  (Feel free to include or reference any of the Advocacy Toolkit available on this page.)  Ask your friends and family to do this too!
  2. Post your support on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!  (You can use one of the sample messages included in the Advocacy Toolkit available on this page or write your own!  Re-Tweets from @fosterforward and shares of Foster Forward posts are also welcome!
  3. Join us at the State House for Time2Succeed Rally Day on June 6, 2017 from 3:00pm - 4:30pm and bring your friends!

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